The Club UNESCO “Re Italo”

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The Club UNESCO “Re Italo”

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Logo Club UNESCO 'Re Italo' medioThe Club UNESCO “Re Italo” was founded in Reggio (southern Italy) in 1983, officially recognized in 1985 as a member of the Federazione Italiana dei Club e Centri UNESCO (FICLU), in association with Worldwide Federation UNESCO Clubs. The Club is a Non Governmental and Non Profit Organisation (NGO).

The Club was named after Italo, mythological king of the city of Reggio around 3500 years ago when the name ‘Italy’ referred only to present-day southern Calabria. General activities of the Club are: peace promotion; conservation of citizens’ rights; development of foreign cultural groups existent in the cities in which we operate; improvement of artistic activities, cultural traditions and natural heritage of local territories; safeguarding of historical heritage, such as archaeological and architectonic monuments.

Involvement in public conferences and demonstrations; popular petitions; involvement of foreigners resident in our area; involvement of artists and scholars; school teaching; university seminaries; historic, philological, historiographical, archaeological and architectonic researches; participation in international meetings or partnerships, inside European or non-European programmes, in various countries (to date: Italy, Malta, Turkey, Israel and Palestine, Luxembourg, Tunisia, Korea, Sweden, France, Spain, Germany, Norway, Lithuania, Estonia, United Kingdom, Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Armenia). Voluntary members of all ages (youth section and adult section) and participation of members from different foreign countries (European and non) and with different mother tongues.


Spokespersons members: they are, to date, 54 ambassadors (13 men and 41 women) who represent “Re Italo” Club all over Europe, the Mediterranean, Africa, Asia and the Americas in the following 36 countries: Malta, Sweden, United Kingdom, Russia, Senegal, Chile, Guatemala, Poland, Egypt, Denmark, Spain, Ukraine, Hungary, Georgia, Brazil, Andorra, Germany, Tunisia, Estonia, Romania, Greece, Portugal, Cyprus, Lithuania, Philippines, Norway, Morocco, Congo, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Cameroon, Serbia, Switzerland, Albania, Belgium. The organisation was member of the Peace Praesidium of Reggio, active between 2000-2008. The Club UNESCO “Re Italo” maintains contacts with several Italian Clubs or other NGOs (mostly from Calabria and Sicilia, but also from Puglia, Campania, Lazio, Sardegna, Lombardia and Toscana) and with the Spanish Club de Amics de la UNESCO the Barcelona (Catalunya). Moreover it was one of the promoters of the founding of the other clubs in Reggio province (Palmi, Gerace and Scilla). The Club operates in the region of Calabria, which is considered by the European Union to be a disadvantaged area (though it used to be a ‘rich’ area until the middle of the 19 th century), being a “Convergence Objective” (formerly ‘Objective 1’) area, where there are also many foreign workers. The Club acts as a link between local citizens and the different foreign communities resident in the area who, thanks to the Club, have acquired more ‘standing’, locally.

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